• Hello, my in game name is Reelii and I am a 17 year old player from Norway. By joining this community I hope to be a positive influence, based on my previous experience and also how much I love the community within whitelisted servers.

    My experience in modded Minecraft starts back in the Tekkit days. I played it a bunch, and got tired of it. Earlier this year, I picked up Infinity Evolved again and had a blast, so now I am back again looking for a new modpack with a new server to play on! What I like to do the most in modded Minecraft is to automate things, as well as try to build nice things (while failing horribly).

    Anyhow, I hope to join this server and, again, make a positive contribution!

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    Welcome to Stonebound! You've been whitelisted and ready to join us on a server.

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