• Hi,
    I've been in modding community for years now. I've seen a lot and I'm always keen to see more that's why I like to join servers with a group of complete strangers to see their aproach to modding MC.I'm at my early thirties so vision of not having to chase players 50k blocks away just to see their builds appeal to me ;).
    I'm quite experienced player and an admin. I can offer my help in case of issues with mods.
    I heard about you guys quite a long time ago so when I saw post on FTB's servers list I decided to apply :).
    UK is my home for now.
    My IGN: Graphi
    Looking forward for your replay.

  • Retired


    Welcome to Stonebound! You've been whitelisted and you're ready to go on all of our servers.

  • Thanks mate, cheers!

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