• Hi there StoneBound!

    I'm frkwoods! I'm 20 and I've been playing Minecraft since the day before beta 1.0. I love building underground labyrinth-style bases full of farms of all types. I played single player for years until Coldform (who recently applied) invited me to his FTB Infinity Evolved server around 7 months ago. He recommended this server to me and I look forward to playing! I'm obsessively neat in regards to storage and base layouts, although I'm trying to branch out and build with a more natural feel. I love group builds and working with others. I have strong communication skills. I also will happily pitch in on other players' projects, and I have no issues doing the dirty work. At the end of the day, there's nothing more fun than hanging out with a bunch of cool dudes building cool things 🙂

  • Retired

    Welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

  • Thank you! I look forward to playing with you all!

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