• Hi, my name is Haroon and i'm know as CorruptedWarrior in Minecraft . I am 15 years old and i found you from a friend of mine called LadyNikkiLove23, we are great friends and have known each other for some time. I live in the UK and I've had minecraft for quite some time and I've started playing quite a lot of modpacks and this one is quite new to me as it is a brand new modpack that has been launched recently. I am very friendly and am willing to help everyone , I am would be online a lot of the time and would love to help spread this server to my other friends, I hope you will accept this request. If i was to be accepted i would be enjoying all the mods but also helping others enjoying their time as well.

    Also, i realized that i have been banned from the FTB infinity evolved server and i am very sorry for that and due to the consequence given i hope that as myself i have changed my ways and agree it is a shocking and horrible thing to do. I do hope that you give me a second chance however i'm not going to be totally surprised if you don't, thanks for listening anyway.

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Staff

    Thank you for your renewed interest in our server! Unfortunately, it is our policy not to accept users that have had a ban within the last two years. You are welcome to reapply again after August 4 2018. We wish you the best of luck in finding a server.

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