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    My name is Maor, in game name themonstaman, and I am 16 years old. I have been playing Minecraft for years on and off, and FTB / modded Minecraft are things that I have always been interested in. I feel that modded Minecraft adds another layer of depth and interest to a game that already has much to it. I love building complex structures with the mods that are offered in FTB.

    I am interested in joining a private FTB server, as I don't like the public ones where things can be destroyed and it is an overall worse experience. I am a friendly, easy-going person who enjoys a small and well-structured community that works together to make the experience more enjoyable. This looks like an inviting community and I wouldn't want to miss the chance to join. I feel that I would fit right into this server and I would have a blast while playing.

    Thank you,

  • Staff


    Always excited to have people who love to build on the server.
    I am often impressed by what people can do on Minecraft. (:

    We've whitelisted you, welcome to the server.

    User is age 14 not 16

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