• IGN; TokenBlkguy
    Age: 33
    Hello Stonebound,
    I'm Token I've been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years now. I try to play often but being a dad takes a lot of my time these days. I'm from Washington DC (Central Time), Recently got the Army and transitioning to civilian life. Well mostly I'm tech guy, but lately I've been playing magic mods and changed my play style. I've played on many servers from peaceful and friendly to anarchy. I not a pro builder but I tend to do ok with designing my bases. My play style is more of finding new ways to do things with mods instead of the usual setups everyone else tends to use. I also love working with others, and why not whats the point of solo play on a server? Well hopefully this is enough about me, never been too comfortable talking about myself openly online.

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    Welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

    By the way your name looks familiar. Have you played on the server before?

  • @TCloudGaming I applied before but I was too brief in my app. Wrote it from my phone at work which is why it was too brief

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    Oh gotcha. Thanks for adding to the length.

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