Combined Group Effort?

  • Donator

    Hey everyone!
    I was thinking, maybe we can go ahead and all focus on doing the basic mods at spawn with the next modpack. We've been putting chests down at spawn for a few different modpacks already, but I was thinking to make a giant spawn hub.

    Have a hub to teleport to players base's, have a hall of fame for those who contribute to spawn and have the basic needs for most mods set up at spawn.

    Anyone interested?

  • Helper

    I was thinking of adding some basic stuff to spawn myself so thats a good idea. Anyway as always anyone can work on spawn when they want. So if you want to go do this go ahead.

  • Retired

    I remember when Stonebound ran TPPI, we had 4 or 5 of those Mekanism alloy maker things, each one filled with coal/redstone/etc. I fully support the idea of us doing something similar again.

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