• Hi,
    I am AnfieldYNWA whom is 18 years of age currently living in the city of Sydney, Australia.
    I hope living in Australia will not restrict my application as I am quite excited to finally get back into Modded Minecraft.
    I've in fact been playing Vanilla and Modded for over 6 years coming on 7, obviously starting with the plain old vanilla but moving to Tekkit. Soon after, the FTB Ultimate pack was released. After spending a few thousand hours learning every nook and cranny of the modpack my time was up. Several years later I found myself playing FTB Infinity. After quickly completing the pack (Not expert mode) I moved on to different games, including but not limited to Unturned and Rust, both on Steam. I was also an Admin on the GiLC community unturned servers before giving up my position to pursue a Modded minecraft server again.
    Anyhow, enough with the life story,
    Thankyou for reviewing my application and I hope to see you soon.


  • Retired

    Accepted and whitelisted.

    Dang you sent me on a trip down memory lane. Saw that you played on Minecraftscott4 modsauce server. There is a lot of history there for me.

    Look forward to having you here.

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