Looking for someone to share a base with.

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    I was wondering if there are anyone who might want to share a base with me on the Infinity Evolved server?

    Im asking because each time i start playing on a modded minecraft server i dont play to long since i find out that i get alot faster bored and that i like playing with others and making new frinds 😄 And learn more minecraft mods 🙂

    So if anyone wants to make a base with me or have already started a base etc then please tell me here, send me a message or add me on steam if you like ( Steam:: http://steamcommunity.com/id/torvtak95/)

    -Torvtak (Klomsen on steam)

  • u can join me if u want
    (i'm logging off in like 20min tho, but i'm back tomorrow)

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    Okey, well i wont be logging on today so ill see you on the server tomorrow then 🙂

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