• Hello. My username is Soliceeclipse and I am 20 years old. I'm from Indiana USA. Umm lets see. I'm far more logical than I am creative. I enjoy automating everything, however I'm absolutely terrible at making things aesthetically pleasing. My buildings are usually only slightly more pretty than Direwolf's 9x9 cobble huts. I want to join a server because playing alone gets boring very quickly. I need other players to keep the game fun for me.

    Side note: I can't talk on teamspeak because I don't have a working microphone.

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    I totally agree. Single player is only good for about 5 minutes. Then it gets really boring. Multiplayer really keeps the interest level up for me.
    Welcome to the server! You're still welcome in Teamspeak regardless of not having a mic. In fact we'd love to see you there. You've been whitelisted so you can join whenever you like!

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