Skyfactory - Tips and Tricks

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    Skyfactory starts the same as most skyblocks.
    You spawn on a small area with a tree and a piece of dirt.
    One thing to note is that you NEED to get a sapling from this tree to progress!
    I thought it would be a good idea to lead up to the server launch this Friday by sharing some knowledge!
    I'll start with some basics.

    You can choose to get 2 pieces of oak wood in order to make a crafting table to make a crook. These are used to get silk worms (Sometimes very hard to see) to infest leaves and get string. You can make some pretty cool things with just string and wood.

    A twist in this pack though, is that you don't get any bonemeal! But fear not, there's no need to wait for saplings to grow. You just 'twerk' the trees. (Press shift repeatedly next to the sapling).
    Watch out though, if you stand too close to it you will get stuck in the tree when it grows.

    Any more tips? I will submit more when I think of them!

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    Cobble is easier to get in here, READ THE INTRO!!!

    NVM Only works in Gardens of Glass

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    We will be running the pack with garden of glass enabled.
    You spawn on an island with a tree but there are also roots that allow you to craft a sapling.

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    I heard rumors the tree grows even faster if you "twerk" it on a steel pole while wearing lingerie, cant confirm tho.

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    @Cookie_Chan Confirmed. my mom says I was very sexy.

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