• IGN: Electric_Blue
    Age: 16

    About Myself As A Player: I love minecraft, Modded and Vanilla as long as I'm entertained I'm fine. I've been playing it since 1.7.10 came out (so almost 3 years). I love to find awsome growing communities and be part of them and make as many friends as I can and also play. I know a lot about minecraft 1.10 and I'm really interested in your 1.10 modpack, and I really hope I can play it with this community. I am also a modpack creator, you can check out my 4 modpacks on curse, The Esacped, Explorer Minds, TwistMagic, and The Blue Pack.

    Where I'm From: I was born in Russia but was put up for adoption and got adopted by a great family and I'm really happy with them. I now live in the USA.

    Where I Found Stonebound: I found Stonebound while looking for a new 1.10 modpack to play and I stumbled upon Principium and got interested. I came to this site and here I am applying for Stonebound wanting to join the most interesting community ever. I'm really excited to join you guys and can't wait but for now I'm just going to go and enjoy my summer and wait to be accept and then go and join you guys on the server, I hope.

  • Its nice to see another modpack creator here. I myself also make packs but none got as popular as your The Escaped pack lol.

  • Well thanks, but it took sometime. I hope your packs become popular

  • Retired

    Welcome to the community! Glad you found us, and were looking forward to having you on our server!
    You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like!

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