• My Ign is :AcidGamesYT
    My Age is:20
    My location is:USA
    How i found you: I was looking around for new modpacks to try out and found yours and as a fan of smaller servers was happy to hear you offered your own whitelisted server.
    A little bit about myself: I am a modpack creator that creates more adventure type packs. I am big on being part of a community that works together and are close friends. Over the years of me playing minecraft i have created and run many different types of servers and met many types of people. I am not a pro at the tech or magic mods but i would love to learn and build new skills. I am a good friend to all and will always help anyone in need no matter if i just met them or have known them for my entire life.

    I hope that this was enough information about me i could go on more but i don't know exactly what you guys wanted.

  • Retired

    It's cool that you found us through Principium. It's an enjoyable pack. Hope you have fun with it on the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

  • @TCloudGaming Thank you so much im looking forward to getting to know all of the staff and players soon.

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