Fix for freezes and not responding game

  • For the past week I have been having a blast playing this modpack (Thanks Alleluid!) and I have only had one caveat. That being that after playing for about an hour or so I would begin to get frequent freezing / not responding java issues. This was repeated with LogicEngineers and Custard3's instances as well.

    Today I have found the issue and how to temporarily fix it for those of you that have the same problem. After launching the pack if you look in your task manager and sort processes by memory you will/might find two instances of java both being run. However one is only actually running minecraft (this is easy to see in Win 10, dont know about other versions) the other seems to just keep accumulating RAM and on my system I have seen it get up to 6,000+ mb.

    The solution is to simply select the non minecraft version and hit "end task". Also on this note when you close the pack and havent ended the extra java instance it stays open in the background. Don't know if this is a forge problem which I suspect it is, or something mod related. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to help if you need. @Alleluid Don't know if you have any idea how to fix this but figured Id link you in.

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    Hey Riewest, thanks for reporting this in. Me and All_under_heaven were suffering from the same issue, as you pointed out, its a java process that is just eating ram and processor power, that process actually is the minecraft launcher thats being a derp. Even if you tell it to close after you launch, it still does that, as far as we know its nothing we can fix on our end. The known fixes, as you said, are either closing the process manually on task manager, or, maybe using another launcher, although we didn't test that yet.

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