• Minecraft Username: Create_Faith
    Age: 19 (almost 20)
    Location: (optional): Netherlands
    Why should we accept you: I'm a friendly person who likes to build a base and just have fun with or without other people. I have no intentions of harm just having a great time.
    How did you hear about us: Just found this on feed-the-beast server list.

  • Staff


    Hello, and thank you for your interest.
    If you would be so kind as to write a bit more information about yourself/why we should accept you, I'd appreciate it.
    Longer applications help us better determine if you'd be a good fit on our server.

  • Donator

    A fellow dutchman!
    I would love to see you online soon.
    I can understand the struggle to write a longer application, I mean you want to play right now right?
    I can assure you that it's totally worth your time to write a longer application. The community is amazing and is growing rapidly right now. Goodluck with the application!

  • @Graphika
    I'm not sure what you would like to know more about me, I'm just a friendly guy looking for a server to have fun on.
    Like I said I'm 19 (will be turning 20 on 1 February), I enjoy psychology, meeting new people (maybe make some friends here). My first experience with mod packs would be on the early stages of Tekkit with EE, since mid last year I got into FTB with a friend but since a while ago he stopped playing therefor I'm hoping to join a fun community. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I love building a base and making progression and probably learn more things.

    A small note: I just enjoy playing FTB and have not a single intention of making other people having a bad day.

    If you want to know anything specific please aks :)

  • Staff


    Thank you! We're happy to accept you onto the server.
    You should be whitelisted now, hope you enjoy our community.

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