• Age: 18
    IGN: The_Hob290
    I don't remember when I started playing minecraft. It was way early in the xbox 360 version of it and soon got the pc version for mods. I've played everything from the classic tekkit to at launcher modsauce to ftb anything and I saw this was a modpack that had a lot of my favorite mods and began searching for a server. I like looking at other people's epic builds and try to have my own at least not look terrible, but I am not terribly artistic. I have a deapset addiction to witchery vampirism and have had by far the most fun with that on a server where someone started a group called the dawn guard (it was hilarious). I've been away from minecraft for a while and am looking to get back in and this server looks interesting. So yeah I don't know what else to say so I'm going to post this.
    Edit: This is for the Crackpack server by the way as I noticed I hadn't mentioned that.

  • Thanks for your interest in our server Hob! I've gone ahead and whitelisted you, so you can now join both Stonebound servers.

    • Crackpack 1.7.10:
    • Principium 1.10.2 (available through Technic and Curse launchers):

    We have some resources that you may find useful, like the server maps:

    And our Slack channel, which you can use to communicate with the server outside of the game:

    I hope you enjoy playing with us, and welcome to Stonebound.


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