• Name: Kerry
    Age: 15
    IGN: zInfinityPlays
    I have Teamspeak, Discord, and Skype. If you find anything that doesn’t seem correct, or is fishy I can get on Teamspeak.
    Hello, my name is Kerry, and I have been playing Minecraft for about four years now, and my experience so far has been great. For the first two years or so I just played vanilla, it was fun, but I knew there was more. The first modpack that I played was FTB Unstable, Ryanzs had told me it was a good pack, so I took the dive and played on my first server with Ryanzs. He started teaching me how to play modded Minecraft, and showed me the community. Out of all the mods that i like, my two favorites would have to be Tinkerer's construct and thermal expansion. They blew my mind because I could do so many things that I never even thought was possible in Minecraft. Those two mods got me hooked on modding. I stopped playing for a while because the devs of Unstable quit working on it, and there were not that many modpacks that I liked, but I came back recently, and found multiple packs that I enjoy.
    I found this server through 2 friends Ryanzs, Arobinson410 I have been playing minecraft with them for 2 years now and they have taught me a lot and I always have a great time when I am with those two.

    I should be whitelisted on the server because I am a friendly player, a good teacher, and I love interacting with communities and watching them grow.

    Thanks for reading my application, Hope to be playing with you guys soon!

  • Retired

    Welcome to the server! I've whitelisted you, have fun with Ryanzs and Arobinson410!

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