• IGN: RoboBert133
    Age: 24

    I have heard about Stonebound from a friend and her name is CuteTurret
    and CuteTurret and i have been friends since a server that fell apart a couple of years ago and the name of that server was Everfree forest. While i was in that server i was staffed as a moderator until it was pretty much fading away. After it fell then i was with a couple other servers with other players. I have also recovered from being burned out on a different server, i still play minecraft occasionally.

    The mods i like playing with on minecraft are mostly tech and automation, not so much on magic based mods. I also have Teamspeak if you want to talk to me.

  • Robo, I know you from HoS so you have been Whitelisted.

    Welcome to Stonebound

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