• Hey everyone,

    My in game name is Adiuva but I also have no problem going by Zach. I am a 21 year old from a tiny town in Michigan. I saw All_Under_Heaven and Lathirex talking about this server on a thread on /r/FTB and it sounded interesting. Currently unemployed while searching for an IT Job, so I have much more free time than I'd like and I spend a good bit of that on Minecraft. I am currently hosting a 1.7.10 server for a few of my friends, but as usual only about 1 of them actively plays so I essentially end up playing by myself which is no fun. I would be likely looking to play on the 1.10.2 server when it starts up if possible and might also pop on the 1.7.10 as well. Looking for a decent server that hopefully doesn't have many issues with block lag and such. New starts on servers are also enjoyable for me because I enjoy the little "competition" at the start as everyone races to get started up with everything.



  • Thanks for your interest in our server Adiuva! I've gone ahead and whitelisted you, so you can now join on the 1.10 and 1.7 Servers.

    We have some resources that you may find useful, like the server map:

    And our Slack channel, which you can use to communicate with the server outside of the game:

    I hope you enjoy playing with us, and welcome to Stonebound.


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