• Hi,
    I'm Dominic, I'm from the UK and I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now. Mostly vanilla but I have a little modded experience.
    I'm a father of two young ( 5 and 8 ) children and so I have only a small amount of time for gaming these days. I am looking for a calm and friendly server where I can chat occasionally and discuss the challenges of the game. My play style is fairly low key. I expect most of my time to be spent learning about the mod pack. I'm interested in both the magic based mods and all the power generation stuff too, although there are lots of other mods that may keep me busy too!
    As I have a young family my time may be limited, with periods of days and perhaps weeks where I may not connect. I would like to find a community where this was not an issue. I am a friendly person and would be pleased to be able to join your server.

    I hope you accept my application,

  • Retired

    Hey glad you found us! I think that you'll enjoy the community. Lack of time isn't an issue here, nor is not being able to play for long periods of time. We have many players who will just go on hiatus for weeks on end. You've been whitelisted so you can join us whenever you like.

    We also have a Teamspeak.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll read up around the forums and be online soon.

    Thanks again.

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