• Hi my name is Brandon, I'm 18 years old, I'm from the United States down in Texas, and I would like to join your server because I've been looking for a server that is reliable and community oriented and this one seems to fit those requirements really well, I found y'all just by googling around a little bit and I searched a while so I hope I will be considered. Recently I haven't been playing Minecraft too much but I've been playing since it's release and have played modded Minecraft since nearly the beginning. I'm an easy going friendly dude and I have a lot of mod experience so I could help people out if they need it, I hope you'll accept my application thank you.

  • Thanks for your interest in our server Brandon! I've gone ahead and whitelisted you, so you can now join us at

    We have some resources that you may find useful, like the server map:

    And our Slack channel, which you can use to communicate with the server outside of the game:

    I hope you enjoy playing with us, and welcome to Stonebound.


  • Awesome thanks, just about to log on😀

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