• Hi, my name is Haroon and i'm know as CorruptedWarrior in the minecraft world. I am 15 years old and i found you from a friend of mine called LadyNikkiLove23. I live in the UK and I've had minecraft for quite some time and I've only just started playing modpacks such as FTB infinity evolved and project ozone, also skyfactory and AS2. Furthermore, i know a lot about the majority of the mods in the modpack such as AE2 and botania and i would love to spread my knowledge of all the mods to all the players. I am very friendly and am willing to help everyone , i am a decent builder but i wouldn't say i'm amazing, I hope you will accept this request. If i was to be accepted i would be enjoying all the mods but also helping others enjoying their time aswell.

  • Retired

    Glad you found us. You've been accepted so you can play whenever you want. Have fun on the server!

  • thx so much see ya soon i guess 😉

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