• Ign:NecroLollicon
    Real name:Austin
    Where I found the server : I found the server from some Friends named Ryanzs and arobinson410.
    Hello, My name is austin I have played minecraft for about 4 years I have mainly played vanilla but I am ready to learn mods. I am a fun and lighthearted person I love learning and being part of a community. I may not know how to play modded that well but I am a fast learner and with my friends help (arobinson410 and ryanzs) I will be able to help others and make great community member. I have only played on 2 other modpacks that were official(Tekkit classic and ftb infinity) other then that I have made my own smaller modpacks. The mods I have Played the most with have been Buildcraft, applied energistics. But of all the mods I am most excited to use/Learn about is computercraft and decocraft, Mainly because I love Designing things that work and look aesthetically pleasing.

    I have Discord/skype/teamspeak. I am happy to talk if you need any more information about me/my post
    Thank you for reading my application
    Also sorry for the Profanity My friend was helping me fix spelling mistakes and I give my sincere apology it will never happen again, If you want he will apologize to anyone who offended him

  • I understand they are your friends and you are joking, however, we would like for you to refrain from using that kind of language in an application to our server.

    Also your application is somewhat lacking, could you please add some more information. Like what mods/modpacks have you used or what do you want to do once on the server? I would greatly appreciate you adding some more info.

  • I appreciate you "cleaning" your post, I have reviewed your application. You seem fine, just keep that shit to a minimum, alright? 😛

    Welcome to Stonebound

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