• My name is Nicole and i'm known in the minecraft world as LadyNikkiLove23. I am 23 years old and I found you guys from . I live in the usa and i'm still new to minecraft I have only had the game for like a month now. I started off with enjoying mods instead of going through the vanilla game. Examples being Skyfactory and Infinity Evolved. Though I haven't gone far in either modpack I do enjoy the magical crops mod. As a person I am shy and quiet at first though I enjoy making friends since solo minecraft for me is pretty boring. I'm very friendly and looking for people to actually talk with while I play the game. I hope that you guys are willing to accept me as I promise I won't destroy the world. I am not the best builder but i still enjoy games like this. If I was to be accepted I would be chatting with the players while enjoying all the mods I can and building a house.

  • You application is a little bit short, if you wouldn't mind adding a bit about yourself. Like what mods have you used? What do you want to do on our server? Anything like that, I would greatly appreciate it .

  • @Dwaing I have done as you suggested. Hope that is enough information for me to be accepted.

  • @LadyNikkiLove23 Nice rhyme, Alright I have gone ahead and whitelisted you; If you would like to chat with some of our other players through voice you can do so in our teamspeak channel, or if you are lacking in the microphone category or just don't want to speak, you can use our slack which is connected to the in game chat on all of our servers.

    Welcome to Stonebound

  • @Dwaing Thank you so much 🙂 I am lacking in a microphone so I will have to use the slack.

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