• Hi! i'm 26 girl from quebec looking for a good minecraft server! i really want to play and all my friends doesn't play T_T i have found you on google search! i search a good server where i can play sometime! with work i don't have much time! i have choose crankpack because they have i lot's of mods pack!! i really love thinker's and i want to discover new mods pack, new challenge!

    i'm sorry if my english is not good or for mistake! i'm french native speaker and i need to improve my english!! 🙂

    have a good day!

  • Hello, I understand that your English is not so good, so I will give you some slack. If you want to help improve on your English I know people who are self taught through talking to people online. Alright I hope to see you on the servers. 😄

    Welcome to Stonebound

  • thank you!! 🙂

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