• Oh god, I hope I'm not going to be too formal...
    A frigid chill goes down the 16 year old named NotYourForte as he nears the ominous white door, but as he puts his door on the sleek metal handle he recoils his hand and starts to shudder.
    After gathering his composure he enters the looming white door and sees a computer with a blank text document opened, suddenly a booming voice echoes throughout the room, clearly coming from the wall-speaker on the far end of the room.
    "Please, sit."
    The nervous human takes a seat, and rests his hands on the plastic, black keyboard.
    "Welcome, now would you please type up your reason for applying for this server."
    He begins at once.

    Name: NotYourForte
    Age: 16
    From: California, USA
    How I found Stonebound: A website called "Mindcrack server" ....I think?

    Hi, I'm NotYourForte, but you probably already know that, I've used many usernames, and I've played minecraft since the public beta, but I've had this account since 2014, I used to have an old one.
    Well, first things first; I love modded Minecraft, for the longest time back in the Minecraft beta I was dissatisfied with the amount of content it had, I yearned for more... Then I discovered the Yogscast, and therefore: Tekkit. From then on I've been obsessed with Tekkit and other automation packs such as Mindcrack. But then, the strom of disinterest came in the year 2014 and I stopped playing only to pick up Factorio several months ago. That stellar game convinced me to go back into modded Minecraft filled with automation and electricity.
    So, why a private server such as yours? Well, I've never liked that in most public servers you always have the potential threat of being griefed, and the community isn't as tightly knit as a private server. I've always seen Minecraft as a means for creative building, not mindless destruction. I love socializing, although I'm what you would call a 'snark', so expect sarcastic comments coming out of me! ;0 Although I do love socializing, I don't like speaking, instead I prefer the chat as a medium for communication, so as you can tell I won't really be participating in the teamspeak side of things if I get accepted.
    I greatly enjoy participating in community events and helping people in need; if I have a spare item, you can count on me to give one to you. This is actually quite a precarious time for me to be applying since I'm going on a two week vacation to the Phillipines soon so I won't be able to play very much for the rest of the summer. During school days I don't really know how much time I'll be able to play a day due to the fact that I'm moving to a different school.
    Soooo.... Anyways, I hope you take this application into consideration, and I hope to see you in-game!

    Or... Not, well whatever floats your boat?
    How do I even end this?


    Note: If NotYourForte doesn't work due to username changes use undertaletrash42

  • Clapping ensues

    Very nicely made application, a little bit over done but I am a fan of it. I get not liking to speak, we also have our slack if you would like to just have a chat outside the game or just type while we talk in Teamspeak. We have several resident mutes, including a former mod so its not unheard of. Also with the way you type, its like your doing an RP as yourself, I very much enjoyed reading. You seem a lot like a friend of mine, who come on the server if I drag him on. Heh alright I have whitelisted you, you are free to roam as you please; however I will implore you to please come on Slack and have a chat every now and then.

    Welcome to Stonebound

  • Wow, I wasn't expecting to get in. (How pessimistic of me.)
    Thank you so much! Yeah, I will be sure to go on slack or the server sometime today after I finish painting something. (A whole freaking week! :[ )
    Although, I don't know why everyone thinks I like roleplaying, I just like writing :P.
    Well anyways, thank you for your kind words and I hope to see you in-game soon Dwaing!

  • The way you write sounds a lot like some of the random role-plays my friend does, and less like how I would write a short story. But hey everyone is different.

  • @Dwaing Everything makes sense now! My world has been expanded with new possibilities!

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