• Name: Thomas
    Alias: Warpig117 or Piggy
    Age: 20
    Hello there, I am a returning MineCraft after taking a short break due to work and school, I am looking for a good server to play on with a friendly and active community. I took interest into your server due to friends of mine also applying and playing on the server, I read the rules and will follow them, very understandable rules that shouldn't have to be said but regardless I will follow them.

    Addition: I like building simple houses out of wood or brick. I spend most of my time on MineCraft building a garden and maintaining it and mining underground. I like helping other players abtain resources they require and need to build the contructions they want to build.

    Thank you for reading my application.

    • Thomas

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have reviewed your application, I think it is alright. Hope to see you on here in the future, also do you like RWBY?

    Welcome to Stonebound

  • Thank you for your time! Yes I do like RWBY, why do you ask?

  • Who doesn't like RWBY?!

  • @Warpig117 I saw your RT account while doing some research on you, I am also a big fan of RWBY and RT in general.

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