• Hello, my username is splatvenom. I've been playing modpacks for at least half a year, such as Yogcast, Hermitcraft, and lots of Crackpack. My good friend, Golden_Ratio, recommended me to apply and join this server. From how he described it to me, it sounded great (perfect for what i'm looking for). At the age of 17, I have been playing minecraft for years, starting off in vanilla, before being introduced to modded minecraft. When I started playing Crackpack I just couldn't stop. I love working with machines, designing efficient setups, and automating everything. With all this in consideration I hope to be accepted, I would be delighted to be a part of this server!

  • Right Splat, your app looks alright and with the packs we are using you will have plenty of machines to work with; personally not the best with that kind of thing but hey. If you want to chat with some people who do use our Teamspeak I am sure you can find someone. Hope to see you around, and Welcome to Stonebound.

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