• Name: Damien
    Alias: Batoven or Bat(for short)
    Age: 19
    Greetings, I am a returning player to Minecraft, the old Crackpack was one of my favourite modpacks, and seeing as it has returned, I have been looking for a great server to play on. I stumbled upon this server, and as a fellow Canadian(From just south of Montreal) I took great interest in applying to your server.
    I have been searching for a good minecraft community, since most of my friends have recently stopped playing, which caused me to take a short break as well.
    I have read the rules of the server and follow them, even prior to reading, I have never been a fan of griefing someone else's hard work.
    Thank you for reading my application.
    -Damien (Batoven)
    p.s. My username is Batoven

  • Alright Damien, I like your application everything looks good; just so you know we have a teamspeak if you were interested in making some new friends and chatting with them, feel free to use it as you please. Oh yeah, and Welcome to Stonebound.

  • Thanks for the reply, looking forward to meeting you guys!

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