• Hey there, I'm one of the guys ExtensionCordKil was talking about in his post. As he said, we're looking for a good reliable server to play on because we're a group of friends that lives in and around the Montreal area. We've been playing minecraft for years now and still havent lost interest and are just now looking into starting this mod. I'm a really laid back type of minecraft player, usually the type to dedicate themself to farming. Thanks for considering the application!

  • Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, your application is a bit shorter than we would like. If you could add on to it, we'd appreciate it.
    Feel free to include more information about why you want to be a part of our community, or personal things like your favorite mods or building style.

  • Well I know nothing about your community so that would have been a bit difficult 😛
    In regards to more personal things, I like to build in a slightly historical style mostly based off early European cultures, not really into very complicated building styles. I like cooperation among different groups too, thats always fun although we're very wary of outsiders because of some issues in the past. We dont actually do pvp, I much prefer just playing the game WITH people instead of against them. If ever you'd like to know more, feel free to ask specifics because I dont really know what else to say haha

  • Thanks for expanding on your interests Sigmund. I've gone ahead and Whitelisted you, so you can now join us at

    We have some resources that you may find useful, like the server map:

    And our Slack channel, which you can use to communicate with the server outside of the game:

    I hope you enjoy playing with us, and welcome to Stonebound.


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