• Name: William
    Steam Name:William17
    hello I have been looking for the best crack pack sever all morning for me and a few of my friends to play again on we would like to start again we are all mostly from the Montreal area which is why i believe this is the best fit for us and it seems like a great community to play on i feel as when we join (Hoping we can) that we will travel far in the world looking for a good place to settle our town and try to keep to ourselfs we have our own teamspeak so we will be in that one more likely i m hoping to build a castle for some reason i love building then in Minecraft and don't see my self stopping any time soon i love using the modded vision of Minecraft for building and travailing as it makes the game more enjoyable i hope you will accept our applications to join and looking forward to playing once again .

  • Thanks for your interest in our server William! I've gone ahead and Whitelisted you, so you can now join us at Crackpack.stonebound.net. If you'd like to play with your friends as well, please make sure they submit individual applications like yours.

    We have some resources that you may find useful, like the server map:


    And our Slack channel, which you can use to communicate with the server outside of the game:


    I hope you enjoy playing with us, and welcome to Stonebound.


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