• Minecraft Username:hardlinegaming
    Location: (optional)united kingdom
    Why should we accept you: I am a loyal player looking for some were to play on a larger modpack. i have ran servers myself befor in the past and have been very successful with them. its nice to be part of a small community of players that can get along fine without confrontation and constant hassle all the time. i am also always willing to help out any players that need it and also if there are bugs i will be sure to let admin know and also see if i can help with a solution.
    working everyday and having a family as well it is nice to have a place i can go to and relax and play with a good bunch of people.
    How did you hear about us: feed the beast forums

  • Staff


    Welcome to the server!
    We've gone ahead and whitelisted you, hope you enjoy our community. (:

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