• Hey,

    My name is Cal Wright. I am 20 years old and enjoy playing various mod packs on minecraft and have been playing on a Skyfactory 2.5 server lately. Recently there have been some general complications with the server that my friend, Tacos4Brekky2, and I have been playing on. As such, we have been thinking about migrating to a more traditional modpack as opposed to a skyblock one this time. My friend has been looking into a new server that we could both play on and this one looked like a good fit for our play style.

    We're friendly players who want to fit in with a more mature community that isn't filled with loud and hostile people. Mindcrack will be a new modpack for us both so we'll be spending a lot of time setting up a home and playing with the new mods added in. We feel as though this is a good server to invest a lot of time into given the chance. Hopefully you'll find us both to be a good fit for the server, we are very excited to play with you guys.

    Thank you,


  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and whitelisted you and your friend.
    Our server runs different packs regularly, and we actually were on a Skyblock one not too long ago.
    We do our best to ensure our server runs as smooth as possible, so hopefully you will enjoy it here.

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