• Hey , I am 14 (birth day is 24.4.2002) and I am from Israel , I found about this server when friends of mine started playing it while I was offline (traveled to Holland) .My In game name is Derpool . The reason I Chose to play Crack Pack because I love tech and exploration mod packs (last one I played was SkyFactory 2.5 ) , So this is it .. I Hope to get accepted because I love servers with great community at least this is what my friends said to me (Gil3344 And TonyFTW).

    p.s Thank you for talking your time and reading this app .

  • Derpool is a good friend and has some real good creativity in building things. he's helped me alot in skyfactory 2.5 and is a good friend too me. I hope you accept his application and he can help us here on this amazing server ^.^

  • Staff

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, welcome to the server.
    Thank you Tony for your reply.

  • Thank you for adding me to the server ^_^

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