Could we add the ability to craft the Statue of the Goddess

  • As many people know, I am currently a Vampire on the crackpack server. I've been trying for the better part of a week to cure myself through the witchery mod, but it is extremely difficult to the point of being impossible.

    I finally was able to get an ocelot to make a cat familiar, but now I apparently need a full coven of 6 coven witches.

    This is complicated by several factors such as the unicorn mod essentially duping coven witches to the point that only 1 coven witch ever spawns, and you can only get each coven witch once.

    The other is players setting up automated systems to keep it day 24/7, or auto banishing the rain if I create rain. As it stands I cannot go to the overworld for over a minute during the day, and and up constantly fighting with people over making it rain/night. In the past week I have only found 2 coven witches that actually count for the witchery mod, and one of them somehow managed to dissappear after a server restart.

    Is it possible by any chance to enable crafting of the Statue of the Goddess? Or to spawn one in and put it in spawn? With the current state of the server it is just too difficult to remove a curse if you have been cursed, and it is simply too detrimental to remain cursed for any long period of time.

  • Staff

    Added a vendor to Spawn that sells Statue of the Goddess for 4x Toe of Frog

  • Thanks Amy. I know it seems petty to be complaining about something that I did to myself, but if was really getting super annoying to deal with. Your a lifesaver.

    EDIT: Apparently they changed it recently to not cure vampirism and lycanthropy. RIP

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