• Hi my name is Jacob although Eric is fine. Currently I am living in Maine after moving back from Florida and I am 19 years old. I have been playing Minecraft off and on since the Halloween update, and now that I have a computer that can handle having more that just Optifine installed, I want to get back into playing modded Minecraft. I am happy to help any player who needs it as long as someone more competent at what they are asking is unable to, such as if they are offline or afk. I came across this server on the website and after looking at what this server has to offer it seems to be a perfect fit. I hope that I'll be able to join a great community that will last for years and always be fun to be a part of.
    IGN: eric251711

  • Hello, I have reviewed your application, everything looks good. Hope to see you on the server. 🙂

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