how about.. solar panels?

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    In gregtech, by default only simple solar panel is enabled and it produces 1eu/t of ULV. It is most of the time useless. How about enabling higher tier solar panels? It could potentially break game because it's completely renewable energy (no fuel required) but at same time it costs multiplies making it harder and harder to produce (1 solar panel = 2 silicon plate, electronic circuit, things > next step take 8 solar panels to give 8eu/t, next takes 8 of previous and so on) and even if it's not a problem at the moment - reduces server load by a ton.

    question to administration and/or all infitech players (well, who still play there or plan to play at least):
    Do you want higher tier solar panels to be enabled?

    to enable solar panels, go to config/gregtech/overpoweredStuff.cfg and enable recipes:
    B:SolarPanel8V_false=false and rest.

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