• Minecraft Username: Dmouse
    Age: 17
    Location: (optional) California
    Why should we accept you: I want to play on a nice server with a good community that wont kill you on sight. I will help other people and make a bunch of stuff. Never would destroy other peoples stuff. Thanks for looking at my app.
    How did you hear about us: (optional)

  • Staff

    Spoke to you on teamspeak, and as I said there I have gone ahead and whitelisted you.
    We look forward to playing with you!

  • Donator

    Welcome to the server Dmouse!
    If there is anything you need in-game - and its not too much of a hassle - give me a shout-out when I'm online.
    Hope to see you soon :D

  • Thanks! I'll hit you up if I need you.

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