• How I got into Minecraft was an open world sandbox, and I was pretty into that stuff when I was younger. I'm from the Philippines 26 yrs old now and only plays modded Minecraft. I love playing with technical stuff and fiddling with the mod components. I've recently found out about the mod create and I'm interested in seeing how it works. Been searching for servers and this is the only 1 I could find so far that's why I was hopping if I could be in the whitelist here, so I can have a server to play on. I don't like playing single player I can't help myself activating creative and killing the fun for myself.

    My hobbies are playing online games, watching movies and anime and reading manga.

    I hope I get accepted and thanks in advance.

  • Staff

    Hey friend thanks for applying~
    Kreation2 is pretty dead nowadays if you're implying you wanted to play for it, but create is in DW20 as well which is fairly active

    Anyways hope you have fun,
    Application Approved

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