• Hi!

    I'm 37 years old and located in the United States. If memory serves I actually found you on Reddit when looking for another server and decided to hold off on applying at the time. I'm a casual player that prefers to play solo but is always open for a bit of help from time to time. Maybe even helping others as needed or able.

    Currently I have only one ban that I'm aware of but I'm not the one that caused it. Apparently my login was compromised (I changed my password after I discovered the ban) and got banned from some random german server I've never played on for advertising. I didn't bother to dispute it with them because I know that you need to own up to all the activity on your account even if you were not the one doing it so this is me owning up to it... and they had a screenshot showing it. It is also because the server only spoke german that I wasn't really looking to play there anyways.

    I have some light usage on mods but there are plenty I have not actually used.

    As a side note I also used to help admin servers way back. This would have been like 10 or so years ago at this point when I used to make a plugin for the servers I helped on. The point on this one though is I won't do anything to break your rules and I won't do anything that I wouldn't allow on server I was running or helping to run. I'm also very conscious about what I'm doing and how it might impact the server. If a change is requested of my setup (because it is causing lag) then I'll comply and take care of it which might involve removing it until I can find a better option later.

    Whew! I know you said you preferred longer applications but I didn't think I'd go that long. Hope that is good enough. 🙂

  • Staff

    Hey thanks for applying! You already found out you were approved through discord, but now you've been notified again! Congrats! This does not mean you've been double approved, you've only been approved once, we've just informed you twice, therefore do not think you have been double approved, as I do not desire to be liable for the consequences of a double approval, whatever those may be.

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