• My name is Joshua Watson, I am 18 years old, and I am from Arkansas. I found out about this server while looking for a modpack that has Create as its central focus. My last server ban was 3-4 years ago; I received a ban on the Maestrea server for attempting to Xray.

    I've been playing Minecraft off and on since I started around the end of version 1.4.7. I almost immediately got into modded because I enjoy automating and optimizing processes. My favorite mod is probably Botania, not for the flowers or items, but for the design philosophy. I enjoy the mod because of how instead of giving you magic blocks it gives you everything you need for automation in small components, and I also find it fascinating how much the mod manages to intertwine itself with vanilla mechanics like redstone system with things like the hourglass and redstone root. This is also the reason that I've been looking for a modpack focused on create: it seems similar in design to Botania, in that it gives you the components to automate stuff without giving you a single block that does it all.

  • Staff

    Sorry for the wait sugar-man.

    I must admit it's rare to see someone compliment botania around here, everyone just gets annoyed that they basically have to progress from scratch with it each time instead of using some other mod's method. I'm glad someone enjoys vazkii's efforts I suppose.

    Anyways application approved.

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