• Hello. I'm a 23 year old guy who lives in Illinois. I found your severs after a quick Google search. I was looking for a modded server because I was remembering the times I used to play on modded servers when I was younger. I have never been banned from any server that I can remember. To be honest I haven't lied about my age for a while because you know I've matured to the point where I don't need to lie about my age any more. I'm just looking to play with people that also enjoy Minecraft too. All of my other friends just really want to play Call of duty all the time, which isn't a bad thing I just want to play something else once in a while.

  • Staff

    Sorry for the extra long wait, as a mature blockgame community we old timers don't understand much bout them fast moven shooty pooty games that gets all them younga generations all quicker thinken. Ya'll should take life slow and enjoy it eh?

    Application approved

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