• Hi! My name is Jordon! I'm 18 years old and I'm from Ohio! I just started looking for a new modpack to play and thought I'd take a crack at ATM6! Singleplayer, for some reason, doesn't sit right with me, so that's how I've found myself here! I can't really think of any servers I've been banned from, except for Hypixel's account compromise detection... which was quickly resolved.

    I got into Minecraft around 2011, and it's stuck with me since then! As for my favorite mod... I can't really name one in particular. I'd have to say anything like Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion, or generally any other inter-connection production mod. In Minecraft, Vanilla or Modded, I enjoy automating everything I can for the sake of convenience. Travel, ore processing, crafting, storage... as much as I can! Whether it's in Vanilla with redstone or with ducts in Modded, that's usually one of my main goals. While I usually spend a lot of my time with tech, I do like exploration! Mods that bring new dimensions, biomes, landscapes, or even worlds are always fun to see. This variety in interest is a lot of what brought me to this kitchen-sink style modpack!

    As for irl, I really enjoy working on computers! I've built my own systems for the last 3 PC's I've had, and I'm always happy to help my friends when it comes to troubleshooting, upgrading, or putting together a build for themselves! I actually just recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 kit, which has been a blast to learn to use! I actually just graduated from a vocational school for Computer Systems and Networking, and I'm hoping to build a career in IT in the future!

  • Staff

    Apologies for the late wait my great comrade.
    Have fun with IT, it's a truly, truly, incredible experience.
    Make sure to write down your best experiences so you can go back and read them later, and then eventually post them on r/talesfromtechsupport so the trauma can be converted into imaginary internet points.

    Anyways application approved, have fun

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