• Hello, I am 16 years old and I live in America. I normally don't lie about my age unless it is to protect myself from the internet and I have never been banned from a server. I was searching for atm6 servers and came across this website.
    Whenever I play Minecraft, I only play on multiplayer servers and I like to build a lot. However, I tend not to group with other players because I often drop off the face of the earth and stop playing (of course coming back a month or two later).
    This is very random, but I got angry on a server once because there was a rude player and then I was muted. My Wi-Fi kept going on and off so I kept rejoining the server and a staff thought I was spamming lol. Then they kicked me off the server for... probably a day? This was years ago though. Anyway, I hope you accept this application!

  • nice to meet you, hopefully a mod checks your request soon, just wanted to say hello 🙂

  • Helper

    Hello Karmacar,

    I'm sorry about the late reply but I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. I hope you enjoy stonebound 🙂

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