• I am Toriador, I am 22 years old and have been playing minecraft since its original release on PC. I am applying because a couple of people i know irl play on the server and i would like to join them. I've been a part of many servers in the past under various names because when I started I did not have my own account. Of all the servers I've played on that had mods my favorite has been by far the RPG mod, I don't know its exact name but it had trackable stats for all actions in the game including farming, mining, and an acrobatics stat that helped you NOT die to fall damage. The weirdest mod I've ever found great fun with was probably the avatar elemental bending mod but I would very much like to some day get into technic mod packs.

    Beyond Minecraft I primarily play competitive FPS games at a relatively high level. Competitive pvp is something i got into a couple of years ago and took to quite well. Other then games I ride a motorcycle, play D&D, and work surveillance for a company that monitors more then 800 sites and 15000 cameras simultaneously each night.

  • I forgot to mention. Im based in East Coast USA, and have never been banned from a server despite playing on servers for more then 10 years

  • Helper

    Thanks so much for applying Toriador. I have taken a look at your application and am pleased to welcome you to Stonebound. I have went ahead and whitelisted you on our servers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Have fun!

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