• I am a 16 (nearly 17 in 3-ish months) year old from the United States. I found out about this server by my friend Jacbo who invited me to play on Kreation 2. I cannot think of any bans that I have had from other servers. I first started playing Minecraft about 8 years ago in Tekkit and didn't start playing vanilla until after 1.5.2 came out. My favorite mods are usually tech based and those came from my early experiences of Tekkit such as, Equivalent Exchange, Buildcraft, and Industrial Craft 2, and recently I also like Create.

    I am currently running a small group that consists of good friends and have ran multiple servers of other games (all a bit unsuccessful because lack of hardware). I have some hobbies like coding Discord bots in javascript or doing Garry's Mod stuff in lua.

    My app for Kreation 2 was accepted and with the semi-recent release of ATM6 I am looking forward to playing on it.

    Thanks, Xandertron

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our community.
    While Stonebound is an 18+ community, we have had good experiences in the past with you and are happy to whitelist you for all our servers.
    I hope you continue to enjoy playing with your friends and have a good time on atm6!

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