• Alrighty, so, I'm a 21 years old programmer, I'm from the Netherlands, a friend of mine, KH3_Kairi, or KH3_Sora, told me he does stuff for the server, I have no previous history of bans and/or lying about my age.

    Some history on my gaming:
    I started with COD (who didn't), ended up watching Minecraft videos, so I bought the game, I went looking for more games, Got cs:go, a lot more games, for reference, see my steam profile: (https://steamcommunity.com/id/woepertjes). I now play games to relax once in a while. cs:go I still play on a competitive level however, I don't play it too often. also my discord id stuff: (woeper#1425).

    When it comes to Minecraft, I like various mod packs and mods. My favorite mod of all time would be AE (Applied Energistics) 2. Gotta make me that crafting and storing stuff easier. My favorite mod pack would be sky factory 4. And the stuff I love to do most is programming, gaming (both competitively and to chill), and sleeping.

    As I've said, I'm a programmer, so I sit behind my computer most of the day working. While I am programming and doing other work, like for school (yes I'm also a student still), I play the guitar to relax my mind and mess up my fingers.

    Some fun stuff that happened to me: I broke a bone in my right hand, metacarpal of the pinky finger, my pancreas got inflamed, and shoved me in hospital for a minimum of 6 months (I don't remember much), I don't like humans nor human interaction, though the occasional blending with them is quite nice.

    To sum all of the above up:
    I'm a relatively chill player who likes to push servers and things to their limits with the possibility of expanding them. I'm pretty much an open book. If you want to know something about me, then just ask. To quote what a lot of people probably say and have said: "I've got nothing to hide".

    Feel free to hog a logy onto my application (as that is what I did and do for jokes) and attempt to pronounce my default username: "woepertjes".

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    Hallo Woepertjes, (Easy to pronounce, if you speak dutch 😉

    I'm not sure what "to hog a logy" means, nonetheless I've had a quick look at your application and added you to our whitelist. Have fun with Sora on here.

  • @Prusias I'm dying of laughter now, hogging a logy means spitting on it. But cheers!

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    @woepertjes That isn't from Dutch is it? Because, I haven't heard of it.

  • @Prusias It's an American thing I believe, but every culture/country has its own version of it.

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