• Hey there, my name is Jxk3h (Pronounced Jake)!

    I'm 20 years old and an avid Minecraft player. Never lied about my age, been banned or any of that stuff. I've run a few servers myself before for a small community of people across the world, around 30 people total, but this was around 2 years back and sadly the community has dissolved.

    I found out about you guys through one of my friends that were streaming himself playing on your ATM6 server today, and thought it looked like a fun place to play!
    I'm an avid builder and tech guy, and I love playing modpacks of all kinds, one of my favourite mods being Mekanism. I love it because I think it's really interesting aesthetically.

    I like chatting with friends and playing games (like any sane person), and would love to play on this server.

    Thanks for reading and hope you accept me.


  • Helper

    hey Jxkeh, Ive gone ahead and added you to the whitelist!
    we have just opened the atm6 server yesterday so it's a fairly fresh start for everyone.
    Hope you have fun and see you online!

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