• Hi, so Iam Martin, Iam 16 years old and I live in Czech Republic. I found you thanks to Create mod discord, because I wanted to play some modpack (Kreation II) with create in it on server with other people. In my history, I think I got like 2 bans on some vanilla servers back in the day, but I was small and dumb 😄 Now I can assure you that Iam a nice player that enjoyes playing minecraft with other people.

    Well, now something about myslef and my minecraft expirience. I play this game for like 10 years now (started with console version.( I really do enjoy it, but the thing that hyped me for playing more minecraft was mod Create. Iam shocked that someone can do these beautiful things in minecraft. Irl, I love being with friends, so that´s why I would like to play on server, because I feel a bit lonely singleplayer.

    So I hope its not a problem that Iam under 18 years old, as u wrote you could consider younger applicants. Iam looking forward to your answer. Thank youuu ❤️

    have an awesome day,

  • Staff

    Hey friend thanks for waiting! The influx from create has been rather massive, I'm kind of scared of Create 3's release do to it.

    What country does not accept cash or credit cards?
    The Czech Republic

    Application approved, please reply with a better joke from/about the Czech

  • Hey,
    Thank you so much for your approval!

    Hehe, never heard this one before, this one amused me 😄

    Here is one for you:
    I’ve got a friend from Prague who is really good at chess!
    He’s my Czech mate.

    Hope you liked it, and thanks again ❤️ Iam looking forward to play on your server!

    With love,
    Martin (ItsAtmo)

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