• Hello there!
    I'm Felix Cherdzhiev, or 3y6. I live in Russia, am almost 16 years old (1 month left really).
    I have 9 years of Minecraft experience. Didn't play much with mods, tho, especially those new. However, lately, I'm getting interested in new mods. Before I haven't seen unique, only ports of the old ones to 1.12.2...
    So, I got to see Create from r/Minecraft and instantly loved it. After a while, I found about Kreation 2 modpack from their Discord. And from there saw your Stonebound server. So I want to play with people, not alone.
    About bans, I'm clean. I did some mistakes back in the early years, as many did, but no bans since 1.9 says something, doesn't it? 😄
    Thanks for reading this, hope I get accepted

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our community.
    Stonebound is an 18+ mature Minecraft community, and so we will unfortunately have to decline your application.
    You are welcome to reapply in a month and 2 years when you reach our minimum age requirement.
    Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck in finding a more suitable server in the meantime.

  • Don't understand me wrong or anything. At this point you are fully right according to the rules. The only thing I regret now is that I didn't lie about my age. I mean, I wouldn't lose anything if lied, even tho it is breaking of a rule, I could get a access to the server.
    But I trusted that if I accept the rules, I may get access, just because I said truth. However, that's not how this works.
    Appears you need to break a rule to play, rather than according to them get nothing? Unfair.
    Now you leave me, saying to either play on other servers or come back in "2 years and 1 month". This looks like a joke honestly. There aren't any other public servers (at least I didn't find any) yet a lot of things will eventually happen in 2 years, server may not even exist. This account also is kinda useless, and, most importantly, I spent my time here, to get aborted.
    Saying again, I'm not being aggressive towards you. You made your job, even if it was pretty informal. I was just pointing facts, how I see this, not making tragedy. Maybe there are the reasons for current online being 0/20, you know?
    Thanks for replying. Bye

  • Staff

    To be completely honest, I would have declined you based solely on your immature responses on other sites like reddit. And if I had declined for your behavior now, you would have been illegible to reapply. However, since you were honest about your age, I chalked your immaturity up to that and would absolutely reconsider your application in the future when you've grown a bit.

    If you post on the Create discord, many users have their own small self-hosted servers that would be happy to grant you access. Our server is definitely slow currently, as it always is between pack launches after a majority of our playerbase has finished off their pack experiences. An alternative, small community may be a much better option for your Create experience anyways.

    Thank you again for your interest.

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